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Tefal GV6770

Atlanta ATH-5535

Zimber ZM-10997

Philips GC 4922/80

Sinbo SSI-2882

Clatronic DB 3512

Bosch TDS 2251

Ariete 6216

Фея 211

Ariete 6422 Ecopower

Bosch TDA 2680

Zimber ZM-10711

VES 1618 (2013)

Domena Easy Box Neo

Фея 197

Zimber ZM-10887

Panasonic NI-E200

Delonghi VVX 1655

Scarlett SC-131S (2012)

Philips GC 9650

Galaxy GL6114/GL6115

Atlanta ATH-410 (2012)

Bosch TDA 703021T

Philips GC 7035

Scarlett SC-SI30K07

Delonghi VVX 2450

Termozeta Matica 1200

Philips GC 3593

Philips GC 7640

Atlanta ATH-5570

Tefal FV5335

Zimber ZM-10933

Irit IR-2054

Tefal FV2352E0

Galaxy GL6104

Philips GC 7011

Zimber ZM-10806

Vitesse VS-687

Sinbo SSI-2867

Philips GC 6602

Galaxy GL6103

Philips GC 6621

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